Saturday, January 26, 2013

Continuing My Work


My work is coming to me from within.

I am learning to listen for it, and to take action.

Most importantly, now I know that it is there.

I am learning how to “release the hidden splendors”. (Robert Browning)

I am learning to release them by searching for them.

I am gaining courage and belief in myself.

I am not only learning new skills in order to release them, but I am learning that this is my only real work.

I am investing totally in what is within.

It is now becoming a habit.

Being aligned with purpose, conviction, belief and skills is quite a powerful combination.

It didn’t come overnight.

It has come gradually as no other alternatives have been acceptable.

I have had to really search and learn to trust the inevitable.

When you let go of everything, and fill yourself up with powerful teachings, something strong is bound to emerge.

I found it necessary to even let go of good teachings from the past.

They did not get me as far as I needed to go.

I have been able to embrace many of them again, but in a completely new context.

This context is enabling me to serve much more widely.

I am finding a fresh, new, original me.

This self can reach out and share from the foundation that I have had to build from the ground up, actually from below the ground!

But now, I have something that is mine.

I have something that is so powerful and so completely a part of me that I feel resilient.

I can serve, I can share, I can bounce back!

I can meet challenges in a new way, one that moves me forward and does not reinforce the status quo.

I arrive at new points, not just acceptable old ones.

This is good, really good.

I have work that will continue.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage