Sunday, September 11, 2011

Presence of Peace

Today, there is more peace than ever.

Despite the loud views presented, the deep quiet ones are the most powerful.

The sweet within.

The quiet within.

The precious within.

The gentle within.

The treasured within.

The lovely within.

The harmonious and beautiful.


That is the presence of peace.

We can wear it without as well as within.

© 2011
Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Most Fun Peace

The deepest and happiest and most fun peace is being in accord with who you really are.

It is all well and good to “bloom where you are planted”.

It is fine to practice discipline.

But it is not OK to be satisfied with that.

There is a purpose for your life here.

You are an individual, and the dream you have been having your whole life is what you are here for.

To be that person.

To live your dream.

To have the most fun it is possible to have living who you are.

We are all wonderful!

We simply do not fit a mold, any mold.

We are individuals.

We have individual purposes to fulfill.

No one can direct us.

It is our own path.

No one even has a hint of what someone else’s path is.

Have fun.

Go do it.

Be who you are.

It is worth whatever you have to go through to be it.

It is the only way you will truly live your life and make the contribution you are here to make.

© 2011 Kathryn Hardage