Friday, May 30, 2014

Are You ANGRY with Someone?

Really, really angry?

Did someone press your trigger and take you all the way out and above the red zone?

How can that be?

What is the issue closest to your heart?




Willingness to look at another’s point of view?

Or are you so hurt and so grieving that you are simply blinded to anything else?

After discovering a long-term issue that had been buried for my whole life, I became very sensitive to triggers in my current environment.

It took a long time (several years) to be able to separate what I was reacting to.

I was reacting to triggers in my environment, not actual evil or wrong doers.

I finally was able to rewrite enough of my reactions to make a distinction.

Thanks to so many inspired authors and a women’s group and a tremendous amount of rigorous spiritual study on my own, I have been able to begin to own my own life for the first time.

It feels different.

I am beyond the unfairness and cruelty.

Yes, it was unfair.

Yes, it was cruel.

But I no longer have to endure any of that, because I have found my own balance.

Even when I hear about similar instances in other people’s lives, I can send them light.

I know that when everything else runs out, the blame, the anger, the depression, the anxiety, the fear, the despair, the hopelessness, the sense of utter ruin in their life, they may decide they want an alternative.

And then, there will be an opening for light.

I do not know when it will come.

But when it does, when it is allowed to spread its comfort and warmth, there will be an inner glow.

And with rigorous, dedicated practice, nothing will ever be able to take it all away, ever again.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Listening Deeply

The long, deep, calming breaths that we take are life-sustaining.

Not for the oxygen they bring in.

Not for the heartbeat they regulate.

They are the acknowledgement that all is well.

That the only requirement is to be steady.

There is nothing else we have to do.

Though our world may be rocked, the Universe is still calm.

We still have access to our Inner Guidance.

The disruption of our lives may be sudden or it may be gradual, but change is going to happen.

We still have this deep inner guidance that is always there for us.

Returning to listen for it, is a step toward peace in itself.

More than a storm warning’s message, it tells us where we need to go.

We go deeper in thought and reflection and we listen there.

All is well.

We let the message within be delivered to us.

We listen and then we act on that knowledge.

All is well.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Peace With Progress

Sometimes, a situation takes time to heal.

It just does.

I am learning to be grateful for progress.

Progress within my own thought is always the first step.

Impatience is not gratitude.

So being at peace with the first step is important.

Learning how to take steps toward resolution within creates the path.

Each step reveals the next.

Step by step, resolution comes.

I am at peace with progress.

I know how it will come.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, May 19, 2014

Individual Peace

I am at peace with my individuality.

It places me where I can do the most good.

It lets me know that I have a purpose and that it is being fulfilled.

My purpose is to express my spiritual qualities in the most complete way possible.

I have learned to listen for the inward things.

That is what connects me to my purpose.

That is what inspires and directs the actions that I take.

I know I am moving in the right direction when i feel a sense of peace and joy and excitement.

Sometimes it is an idea which comes to me.

Sometimes it is a conversation which I have with someone.

Sometimes it is producing a product prototype or another music book in a series.

It is always something which comes to me as an individual.

It is always something which defines my place.

It allows me to fit into my place in the Universe.

It is a good fit.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A New Rhythm

I am finding a new rhythm in my new location.

It feels like one I can maintain in various circumstances.

Following my priorities means getting things done in a satisfying way.

All the things that are important to me are happening calmly, with a nice flow.

I start with spiritual study, then follow that with self-education.

Self-education leads to product design.

Publishing and prototypes follow.

I am able to take care of my household requirements after that.

Later, I enjoy conversation and reading with two other very intelligent and committed teachers.

It’s a nice evolution, to see the new rhythm establish itself and to feel so satisfied and productive.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Greater Peace and Purpose

Forgiveness is taking me to a place of greater peace and purpose.

I am gaining a sense of freedom to pursue my goals instead of being shut down by panic and depression.

The old memories and emotions from long-term child trauma have been replaced by actions I can take to move myself forward.

One of the best aids to doing this was Collin Tipping’s Radical Forgiveness Worksheet (

The first step was to be willing to look at the traumatic events in a different way.

Not to look at them differently, just to be willing to do so.

That first step took me off the emotional track.

It gave me something else to do with my mind.

Although I had gotten very accomplished at distracting myself, and that helped, this was an additional step which allowed me to break the emotional circuit, while still being honest about my feelings.

Now, although I do have to deal with an occasional trigger, I am able to regain my poise and sense of direction.

I know my purpose and I am able to continue pursuing it.

Forgiveness has released me from unintentional rehearsal of the past.

I am at peace with myself and my goals.

This is a radical step forward and I am so very grateful.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Moving in Peace

When you have all your problems solved, or at least the ones that are in your way, then you can move in peace.

You do not want to take anything with you but peace.

When the issues which were disturbing cease to disturb you, whether or not they have actually ceased or not, you are getting ready to move.

All your efforts, all your energy, once you cease to be disturbed, is applied and focused on your move.

Once you can detach, you can move.

In order not to bring anything with you but peace, you must live in the calm within you.

Turn every issue into light.

You can only move in light.

You can only bring light with you.

Any disturbance, any darkness, no longer has any meaning for you.

You are moving forward and up into light.

You are moving in peace.

You are there.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage