Friday, October 31, 2014

Deep Peace in the Mojave

Driving with husband in his new over-the-road bus to be converted into a PinewoodDerbyWorkshop...

There is deep peace and deep isolation as we cross the Mojave Desert.

the mountains and sparse vegetation vie a sense of largeness, with lots of spaces for the eye to wander.

During our long ascents and descents, my husband adjusts to a lower gear in our 47-passenger bus (soon to become a mobile woodshop).

The changes in greens, whenever there is a little bit more of it, are dramatic.

The gray-greens, sand-browns and lava-blacks outline long stretches of contour.

The cacti that are beginning to appear feel like a celebration.

There is room for contemplation over the geologic upheaval which caused the Pacific Basin to recede to what is now the California coastline.

Big changes across eons of time.

© 2014  Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Spiritual Message to Make Me Feel Good

That’s what I am listening for.

The message that will make me feel good is this:
We are not at war.

We respect everyone and everything that lives on the earth.

We choose to share our resources widely so that everyone can live well.

We choose to respect that everyone has rights and needs.

We choose to respect that those needs are fulfilled in different ways for different people.

How can I help?

Do I just need to stay out of the way?

I feel I need to share these ideas in all the ways that I can express myself, through  blogs, children’s songs, conversations.

Let us all evolve and develop and grow in the ways that let all of us live well.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Soaking Up More Peace

I have been spending whole days, several in a row, on our land, just looking at the trees across the meadow, the meadow itself, and up the hill where I can see more and more as the leaves fall.

I simply prefer to be there.

I can read, reflect, and write.

Looking through my most recent spirals, I see a lot of creative work which I am transcribing now that I am in an internet cafe and have access to electricity.

We will add solar power and I will have electricity out in the country sometime, as well.

That will save me transcription time, but for now this is a wonderful opportunity to keep soaking up the peace.

There is always more peace as I watch “Deer Theatre”, “The New Vulture Hour”, and observe how the meadow is reestablishing its grasses and flowers now that we are not mowing it.

The succession that we read about in Nature is actually visibly happening in front of me.

This morning, we watched three deer playing in the meadow, running around and leaping for several minutes.

As they disappeared into the forest at the South end of the meadow, a young buck entered it from the North end and walked across.

This is the first buck we have seen in the meadow.  We usually just hear his “huff” as he warns the does to leave.

I take care of what I need in order to carry out a normal days’ activities, but oh, it is so very pleasant out here breathing in the normal rhythm of Nature’s day.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage