Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Peace Going Into the Holidays

I find myself guarding my peace as the pace picks up for the holidays.

I am making sure that I take my time completing my arrangements as I leave the house so I am not caught up in the franticness of the traffic.

I am remembering that I still have my work to do and that I need peace of mind in order to do it.

I read my spiritual writers to remind me of why I am here.

I take the time I need to do what is important to me.

I do not get pushed around at the prompting of the advertisers who serve their corporate directorates.

I know who I am and who I am taking care of and why, and I choose how to do that.

My celebration is quieter and it is moment by moment.

I notice the atmosphere around me.

I am creating my own.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Moving Forward With Peace

With the assurance that we are doing the chosen work we we love, we can move forward with peace.

We know our work is important and that it is contributing to uplifting society and civilization.

We know that we are doing it well.

We can enjoy the lifting up of everything we see.

We can appreciate the receptivity in every direction we are led.

We can feel the divine and holy moment everywhere we go.

This is possible because we are each divine and holy.

Every breath we take is a tribute to our Creator.

Everyone with whom we communicate comes from the same place.

As we see how much we are united in being here and now, it becomes easier and easier to appreciate how much we share and how much we can share with each other.

I am so delighted to be in a field which is devoted to the lifting up of all its clients.

I share the love of this work with millions of people all over the world.

All it takes is our love and generosity and desire to be of service.

We have a wonderful effect in the world.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Person to Person

The issue of race is being addressed most effectively person to person as well as through the several anniversaries of legal achievements.

The courageous acts of children and their parents to break the race barrier is of inestimable value.

Throughout my teaching career, I had the honor of teaching children of all races with many marvelous and dedicated teachers of all races.

Because of the prevalence of historical attitudes, there is a racial residue we are still dealing with.

By working with everyone and experiencing similar situations, it is possible to get to know more individuals and their stories.

When I am in conversation in multi-racial situations, I always feel an underlying evaluation process.

Am I sympathetic?  Aware?  Whose side am I on?

Once it is apparent where I stand, and that it is OK, I am accepted more fully into the conversation.

This happens each time, person to person.

As we seek out the experiences which put us in touch with more individuals, we will have more opportunities to lessen this historical residue and help create more awareness with our individual friendships.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Habit of Listening

Apparently, listening is meant to be full time.

I am getting pretty good at tuning in when I am at an impasse or I realize I need help.

But what I am learning now, is that if I listen all the time, for every step, they will all be inspired.

I guess I thought I had to get a good idea and then coast on the value and power of that.

I didn’t realize that the Universe supplied all the connecting ideas and follow-up as well.

I guess I thought that once I received the idea it all got turned over to me.

But this is not the case.

The idea is on loan from the Universe.

The Universe is launching it through me.

I still have to listen for all the ideas which the Universe has supplied to bring it to fruition.

I get to watch, participate as a listener, take action where appropriate as directed by the Universe.

And then I get to enjoy the fruition, appreciation and harvest.

Not a bad deal for “just” listening!

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Peacefully Following Through

Learning to go within helps establish an unfailing practice for finding answers.

Taking the steps as directed from within always fulfills the need.

When I get stuck, I am learning to go within, without fail, to find the next step.

This always gives me a peaceful solution.

Even though requirements may change daily and even hourly, I can always find the peaceful solution I seek by going within.

Since I have received my inspiration from within, it is natural that I should find the ways to share it most effectively from the same Source.

It is a comfort to know that while I reason my way through all the possibilities there is still only one really great answer, an answer of peace, from within.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, November 4, 2013


Even if a life has not gone as hoped, the peace of rebirth is still a possibility.

The Universe has unlimited resources of support which come to us as we are searching.

Our disappointment is part of the process of rebirth.

We do not accept our situation.

It is unfair, whatever the reasons for it.

We have the right to live well in the Universe of unlimited resources.

Although it is a struggle to rewrite the patterns and habits of thought which have led to our disintegration and lack of growth, it can be done.

As we realize what we desire is good and is possible, even starting from horrible and negative circumstances, we naturally look around for how to start.

That spark from within is where it starts.

It is also the place that all action comes from.

The ideas are within and they lead us to the resources without.

Constant practice and search begins to rewrite the patterns of despair.

Our mighty effort over a sufficient period of time, it may be more, it may be less (mine was more), will result in the steps which lead us into better and better circumstances, until the last obstacle is overcome and we step into our better world.

It may have been good if it took us a long time to get there, because then we have the practice to keep us in our new life.

If not, we have to practice our new habits some more until they become part of us.

We can tell when our practice is lagging because our circumstances reflect it.

We can go within to listen for the new messages which will keep us growing and becoming more and more successful.

The messages from within do not conflict with anyone else, they do not compete.

They light our way and our way alone.

No one can come in through your way, and I promise you, you cannot come in through someone else’s way.

If you do, it is only temporary.

Remember, the kind of success you are looking for is the rebirth of your soul, your right to success, not a job working for someone else’s dream.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage