Monday, June 19, 2017

Living in Time

Even though our day passes hour-by-hour, we can get a sense of living outside of time.

We have our thoughts, our routines, and then we have our moments of inspiration.

As we cultivate the deep peace which connects us with inspiration, we begin to live in time with that rhythm.

Our days flow more smoothly.

We are less worried.

We maintain our poise.

Taking a moment to breathe deeply, we pause.

We can feel the inner peace just below the surface of our thoughts.

Our breath gives us a moment to connect with it and to bring it to the surface.

Then we can continue with our errand or look up the next resource for the project we are working on.

The time we are living in becomes ours to mold in a peaceful and inspirational way.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Friday, June 16, 2017

New Ideas of Peace

In reading my way through “Working With the Law”  and making notes, I am struck by the practices Rev. Holliwell describes for forgiveness.

He insists that we cannot demand more for ourselves than we demand for our brothers.

If we want forgiveness, we must forgive.

That is the struggle.

To release ourselves, we must release others.

I am looking at my habitual and long-term judgements and justifications.

No matter how true they are to me, I would much rather be released from them.

So I keep listening for the ideas which will allow me to move beyond my habitual conclusions.

If I can conceive of a Higher Power that directs me, I can conceive of the same thing for others.

If I can move beyond my mistakes, so can they.

If I give them room to become more than they were, I can become more than I was.

I may never see them again, but I can wish them well.

If I do deal with them again, I can be strong and consistent enough to see them as I want to be seen.

I can be a bigger person.

I can release myself from seeing as I have judged in the past.

That is the effect my new idea of peace is having on me.

Release through seeing a different way is forgiveness.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, June 12, 2017

Challenges of Separation

Making peace with separation requires discovery and invention.

I have had the opportunity to take on several new tasks which I normally do not do while  my husband is in town.

While he is gone for training, I am learning how to do them or to get help.

I am also going even further in performing the many activities which I enjoy, and finding some new opportunities.

As the long-distance training has lasted longer and longer, I have had to find more resources.

I am exploring some new friendships outside my groups.

I am participating in extra activities within the groups.

As an introvert’s introvert, this has been a challenge.

It is worth it, though, to add another layer to friendships.

As I continue to work on my service through writing my blogs, I am also exploring how to expand it.

Very scary and challenging steps for me to confront technology.

But, it looks like it can all happen.

Offering support through one minute telephone calls and emails is a new experience also.

It is also allowing me to confront deeper troubling personal issues and to resolve them.

Stretching and expanding through separation offers greater experiences in more directions.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Our Words Bring Peace

As we listen to our thoughts and feelings, we recognize tension or relaxation and happiness in them.

Our words and our reaction to other people’s words create a reaction in our body as well as in our mind.

We can keep ourselves calm and uplifted or we can create tension and despair.

We are becoming aware of what far-reaching actions are created by words spoken in the media.

The way I counteract my response is to cultivate a sense of peace before I read the news.

Then, I put myself back into a peaceful mode when I feel myself reacting.

I do this many times each day.

The words I use for myself are “I love me”.

I remind myself that I am here for an uplifting purpose.

I listen for ideas to teach little children which will help them recognize their power of goodness.

I put these ideas into “Themes” with a chant, a fingerplay and a song.  ( and on FB)

I give sincere compliments to people I don’t even know.

I start conversations in public places where it is possible to add a note of comfort or support.

I breathe peace into the places that I go.

I make sure that I am seeing people in a generous and understanding light.

This is a habit I have found worth cultivating.

This is how my words can bring peace to little situations around me.

It is a trickle up and out effect.

When people feel good they share that good feeling.

This is the power of our words to bring peace.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Friday, June 9, 2017


When you are getting tossed around by the sway of opinions and constant news harassment, where do you find guidance?

When you look within, you find freedom from all the noise, and you can hear yourself think.

Even before you start the thinking process, there is something else underneath that.

You can choose to go into the quiet place deep below your thoughts and listen.

That is where you will find guidance.

Guidance is in the peaceful feeling that spreads throughout your body.

As you breathe deeply and peacefully, you feel the calm in which the message will be delivered.

Following the deep calm and the feeling of peace is a message.

A simple message.

It tells you to move or to stay.

It tells you to look at a particular thing.

It does not present options.

You simply feel the best course of action.

As you rouse yourself and then take the step you were given, you are honoring the guidance which you received.

As you do this over and over again, you arrive at a destination which not only blesses you, it blesses all those within range of your thought.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Slow Pace

We can reform the practices we need to at a gentle and slow pace as we become accustomed to our new habits.

If we are creating a new thread instead of just repairing an old habit, it may take more time.

We may have to test things as we explore new connections.

That takes time, too.

Each step resets the connections to all the other steps.

It is not possible to hurry.

If it feels like you are stalled or stuck, there are other hidden connections being installed.

You can only proceed as fast as it takes for all the other elements to be included.

Trying to push ahead never works.

It is better to wait it out until you feel the release.

Then you know the foundation is secure and safe for all that rests above it.

All the issues you have been working on suddenly, gently, make sense, and you can proceed at a normal pace without anxious interruptions.

In fact, the fear, anxiety, frustration, and tension no longer fit inside your body or your circumstances.

Instead, it all feels good.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Doing What is Mine

I feel such deep peace from doing what is mine to do.

Not what I have been assigned from the outside.

Doing what comes from within.

When I feel the unity of ideas taking shape and being expressed, I feel the deep peace.

There is a gentle, consistent, persistent flow of idea and manifestation.

It becomes almost simultaneous.

Stages which lead up to this are ideas which are fun and exciting.

Thinking about ways to do them.

Exploring resources.

When everything comes together and I am not influenced by the opinions of others, I can proceed in a calm and orderly way which may be quite rapid, or held together over weeks.

Practicing all the tiny steps in powerful.

Taking steps when you think you cannot builds a different kind of strength.

Commitment to oneself as ad advocate for your own ideas is why you are here.

You are meant to express them.

Keep going through all the steps and stages to find the harmony of deep peace.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Share the News From Within

It is OK to check on what is going on in the world, but do not let yourself stay there for very long.

Your life is about discovering your unique identity and making your contribution.

Feeling the peace within is the very first starting point every day and sometimes every hour.

The projects and ideas that come to you are where your peace begins.

It is important to share them.

You are being given the means to do this every time your think about what you love, what is important to you.

You are here to express your wealth of ideas and to be repaid in proportion to how much you value and benefit your recipients.

There is a balance in the world.

It comes when you and everyone around you express their unique ideas.

These are complimentary to one another.

No one can occupy anyone else’s unique space and role in society.

Each time you take your place and carry out your idea, you are helping create and maintain the balance.

You are reaching the people who will most benefit from what you have to offer.

Share your idea.

Become the news.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, May 29, 2017

Increasing Peace

Discovering the peace within is a remarkable feeling.

Learning to access it at any time is a wonderful resource.

Being able to expand it is a humbling feeling.

Now that I know where to find my peace, I long to increase the peaceful experiences in my life.

I am learning to do so.

By returning over and over again to the peaceful feeling, I naturally find ways to experience it more.

It is leading to release of pressure over doing things.

It is leading to slight adjustments in organization.

It is leading to projects being set up so I can work on them.

And it is leading to reading the news with solutions in mind.

We have gone over the top in reacting to bad leadership.

There is a reason to have moral goodness in view of everyone.

It helps raise the level of behavior and conversation.

It promotes the discussions which lead to understanding.

It takes away the need for violent reaction.

We can increase our peace within and without.

We can be a model of patience and listening and calm.

These feelings are contagious.

They underlie the peace we can expand in our communities.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Where the War Takes Place

Inside each of us are our many opinions and experiences.

This is where the war takes place.

What is right?

Where do I belong?

As people settle the question for themselves, peace begins to take shape.

The limitations of hatred and negativity are certainly taking their immense toll.

The power of the goodness in everyone, no matter buried how deep in ignorance and depravity, will rise to the surface.

It is the destiny of every courageous heart.

The power of truth and reconciliation which took place to end apartheid in South Africa have their equivalent in every culture.

We are all unified in that fact.

The new awareness of the rights of everyone is clashing with the fear that only so much good is available.

When everyone is expressing good, much more is available!

This ridiculous fear of limited good is where the war takes place, and the space available to it is dwindling rapidly.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Habit of Calm

It is possible to train oneself to a habit of being calm.

This was not how I was raised.

This is not what I practiced while I was raising my own children.

It is what I decided I wanted to be and how I wanted to live.

I began by realizing that I did not need to panic over certain things.

I learned to remain calm in certain situations.

Then I began expanding it to other areas of concern and even anger.

I learned I could be calm then, also, and I could listen for solutions in a calm frame of mind.

Now, many big things which would have pushed me completely over the edge with severe emotional reaction, are met with calm.

From finding what I need in small situations from a calm demeanor, inwardly and outwardly, I have been able to have the expectation that I will find what I need in more disturbing situations.

I always do.

As I continue to remain calm, the solution gently presents itself.

It may take a little while, but, because I know it is there, and because I am preparing a place for it with my calm mind, I am able to receive it every time.

I like this new approach to living.

I certainly enjoy it much more, and I have a much more productive life.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, May 22, 2017

Keeping Peace Within Oneself

Be in harmony in thought, word and deed.

Align your actions with your heart’s desire.

Be true to your desires and do them, live them, be them.

Keeping heaven in mind, body and spirit, you can live long upon the earth.

Removing inner conflict is the key.

I have to limit my time in even observing outer conflict so I don’t let my emotions get involved in unproductive energy.

I read to stay informed, I take action, and then I resume the work I value for myself.

I cook, I garden, I create beautiful things.

I learn more about sharing them.

I build new skills.

I am so satisfied with learning new things and integrating them into my expanding life, that I feel like I am quietly exploding with joy.

There is such an uplift to it.

I meet new people who share their knowledge and skills with me.

It is a constant building, with more joy and more peace.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage