Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Spreading Gently

Many teachers, Jesus, Buddha, and teachings, the Tao and others, have influenced the course of the world.

The immense hatred of Jesus which resulted in his Crucifixion and the hatred of other practices has been perpetuated throughout the centuries in hatred.

The immense love which resulted from the teachings of Christ Jesus, the peaceful practice of Buddhism, the extensive and inclusive view of the Tao and others are practiced still today.

Each of us receives and practices whatever resonates within us.

We can direct and change that at any time.

We can change our practice to reflect our higher desires.

Individually, as we look for higher ways to live, we find just what we need in the form we need it.

The many inspired writers contributing today are doing so much to guide us all into a way of including all of us in more unselfish and unbiased practices of love and appreciation.

Attempts to control and influence through media, money, war and other impositions is always from the outside.

What is in our hearts is what guides the course of the events in our lives.

We can always find refuge from disturbances in the peace we cultivate in our hearts.

Whatever the reason, whatever the name, disturbance never touches peace.

Peace spreads gently everywhere.

Intelligence spreads gently everywhere.

Unselfish service spreads gently everywhere.

Love and delight spread gently everywhere.

Look for love and delight.

© 2012 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Calming Down

I find I have been very active in lots of different activities for the last week.

And now, I just need to calm down.

I need to find my center again.

The deep, calm, persistent, unmovable center.

When I am in that center, things come to me and get done if and when they need doing.

I am not making them happen.

That is the only way I can work now.

Pushing, scheduling, arranging will only result in disharmony and stress.

So I have to be really sure where I am coming from now.

I am not willing to cajole, pray, arrange, schedule and convince myself that something must be done anymore.

Leading solely from my deep center is a new experience although I have had instances of it many times in the past.

Who knew it could become a way of life?

Being who you deeply are is not stressful.

It is peaceful.

It is productive in a different kind of way.

© 2012 Kathryn Hardage