Monday, April 14, 2014

The Best Weapon is Peace

Finding my peace within gives me control over my life.

It takes away the blame from anyone else.

Even if I feel I have been wronged and can prove it by verifiable means, I can still find my own peace from within.

The resources which I have give me everything I need.

I do not have to depend on the goodwill of others or feel cheated by ill will.

I can find what I need to take each of my next steps to accomplish my goals.

I can depend on my resources to attract what I need and to prevent anything I don’t need.

My inner resources keep me from getting distracted by outside opinions.

My resources within provide insight and originality.

My deep peace provides a unique and perfectly suitable approach.

My peace within connects me to those who can most benefit from what I do.

There is no such thing as limited resources.

My goals do not infringe on what anyone else needs or is doing.

What anyone else needs or is doing cannot possibly infringe on what I need or am doing.

My practice of peace is my weapon of peace.

It protects me and my needs and provides generously for me.

As we each discover our inner resources and how to be guided by them, we, too, are protected and can live generously.

All of us, all over the world.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Deep Peace and Abundance

I have faith that the Universe is restoring deep peace on earth through the individual consciousness of each one of us.

As each of us finds the deep peace within, and acts on it, it rewrites our life and nullifies any other forces which applied to it.

The One Power is Good and It is Good for all of us.

My deep peace is an infinite eternal reservoir which is welling up and overflowing from within me.

All the disturbances and inequalities which we are seeing right now are the result of the emerging deep peace.

Never before has there been such wide communication and everyone wants the abundance which comes from deep peace.

The desperate grab for the things of the earth is one side of the coin of abundance.

Because abundance is far more than all the things of the earth, it is coming into conflict with true abundance for all.

The more powerless our form of government becomes, the more we will all seek the deeper peace of abundance within each one of us.

It will be a surprising and delightful way of living that emerges once all the greed implodes.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

Friday, April 4, 2014

From Within, All is Well

The only way to find lasting peace is to find it within.

Even with this goal, we have to remind ourselves over and over again to return to our safe haven.

From within, in deep peace, we can listen for and find solutions.

I have had simple solutions come to me, like remembering where a lost item is, or more complex solutions, like finding a new job, or a new house.

When I truly expand my thought from within, ideas come to me for larger enterprises, along with each next step when I am ready to listen even more deeply.

All the steps, all the solutions come from the desire to serve in such a way as to uplift society and civilization.

It may seem like a ridiculous and preposterous desire to uplift society and civilization, but each one of us, doing our part, adds either to uplifting or depressing our own situation and therefore the larger state of the world.

When our work comes from the deep peace within, it is truly pure.

This Universal Source is deep within each of us.

It is unlimited and available in every situation.

We can return to it over and over again, and it is always refreshed.

We have access to an unlimited supply of very relevant ideas which always act in such a way as to bless and uplift society and civilization.

Because we are not dealing with outside factors when we go within, our solutions are not partisan or destructive in any way.

From within, all is well.

We can rely on it and others can as well.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Peace is mine forever

Now that I am learning how to cultivate peace for myself, I am realizing that is has always been there, but I did not know how to access it.

I turn within many times a day to find the peace there.

I listen for the ideas to express peacefully.

I am generous, much more generous, in my thoughts towards others.

I do not know what they are dealing with, but it can’t be good if they are so unhappy.

I take three deep breaths ( to remind myself of my place within the world.

I sing myself a little song, one of many which I invent, to help me appreciate myself.

This helps me establish the peace from within so that I can express it around me.

The peace that I find feels like it has been flowing forever.

People through the ages have written about peace by sharing their thoughts as poems or paintings.

They have always been able to draw on their rich resources of peace.

I am learning to do that, too.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage