Sunday, July 31, 2016

Working Peacefully

I am adjusting my pace so that I can work smoothly and peacefully.

When I lived in the city, my productivity depended on me being various places as quickly as possible every day.

Over many years, that kind of pressure takes its toll.

I had to back off because of a health problem and additionally, because my personality suffered so extremely.

Over the three years of healing, I sat on the porch of my cabin in the woods and looked out over the meadow.

I soaked up the peace in the movements of the leaves in the wind.

I felt the calm and the immense power in the air before the storm.

I experienced the joy in the release of the rain and storm’s energy.

I enjoyed the spontaneity of the lightning flashes.

As dark came on gently at other times, I looked through the picture window which took up one side of the cabin, and watched as the fireflies began to gather and fly throughout the meadow.

Creating a balance in my own life is coming now that I have an in-town studio.

I am able to work without hauling all my materials with me.

I have easy access to information without going to a particular place, library or internet cafe.

While I am learning to grow food, I don't have to make a special trip to feed myself.

I am using my new resources to set up a balanced and fulfilling work space with ease of selling and release of products.

I am setting up practice gardens with access to water while working out the best plan for the country gardening resources.

This is allowing me to work peacefully, keep my health and to enjoy the friendships in my many craft and handwork groups.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Cooperation and Abundance

The spider webs which lie across a sunny spot on the track up to our cabin in the woods show amazing cooperation.  

Each one is large enough to reach across the road and is angled to catch the first light, along with unwary insects.

There is enough room for six or seven large webs.

I d not know enough about spider behavior to know if there is a rush for the best spots or not.

I suspect not, because of watching the ones who build webs across the cabin porch and the garden shower deck.

There seems to be enough room for everyone.

So, I am thinking about how things work in a cooperative, rather than competitive world.

It seems to hinge on doing what you love and are most suited for.

Then, you don’t have to take up someone else’s space, and they can’t take up yours because everything is so uniquely balanced with all of our individualities.

Some of the things I read remind us of how few people really do what they love.

When they do finally discover it, it is a new world for them.

A few people tell us to honor how we feel about things and let the positive, loving, and exciting things be the focus for us to develop and follow through on.

I know I feel different now that I have discovered what I love to do and have taken the steps to do it.

It took three years of just sitting in a healing place and listening, listening, listening within.

I was really surprised to discover what I came up with.

But I am doing it now, and it suits me.

I am no longer in conflict with my surroundings, overburdened by unending demands on my time, and sick and torn apart inside.

I am calm, happy, fulfilled and abundant.

I, too, have discovered where to catch the best light, and I am sharing it with everyone I can.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, July 11, 2016

Deep Creative Peace

I find I am having to focus more insistently on the moral and uplifting way I want to live.

The more government leaders disappoint and the more their fear to live with integrity shows, the more I find I must commit myself to these beautiful and wonderfully rewarding high ideals.

I cannot waste time being sorry for their weaknesses.

It is too disappointing.

So, to give myself peace, I must listen even more intently to my inner guidance.

I find such joy in tuning in to its quiet message and hearing each lovely, gentle, uplifting step to take.

Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, author of “Women Who Run With the Wolves”, exhorts us to listen to who we deeply are, and to be that person.

Jon Rappaport, in his news blog ( supplies methodology and case studies of people who have learned to go deep to find their original creative selves.

The miasma of the times is only disturbing while I pay attention to it.

I have better, more individual things to do

I am alive, in my most creative and happy realm.

Come along with me.

Find yours.

Do not rage, do not despair.

Move into creativity and let’s create the kind of world we truly want and love.

Let us love it so very much.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage