Saturday, December 15, 2018

What Calm and Happiness

What calm and happiness I am experiencing even as we move into the final holiday countdown.

I have learned how to guard myself and keep me safe from unhealthy holiday emotions.

Once I discovered I had the right, I began planning my holiday involvement differently.

I limited my preparations and spending as I gradually realized I had the authority to do so.

I watch it all happening now around me with no regret and I keep my distance.

I feed my mind and hands and emotions with things I like to do, books I like to read and people I like to spend time with.

It is a completely relaxed and happy experience, quite a difference from the mad holiday frenzy caused by pervasive media harassment.

My authority over my own peace of mind and body even includes the holidays.

I can set up an enjoyable experience for myself, and that is just what I do!

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

When Things Click

When things click into place, there is a sense of peace.

The peace of knowing what to do.

It is so effortless.

Everything has been prepared and now you can move forward.

Your project, your get-together, your location, all things work in such a natural harmony.

Often, I try to put circumstances together so that a particular event will come to pass.

Because I am not so far-seeing as the Universe, I may be able to create something, but it does not have the natural flow that is possible.

When I just take each next step with a sense of being led, what comes together is truly beautiful.

I am learning not to keep my eye on the results, but more on the cause.

I let myself listen inwardly and feel the intuition, and then act.

That creates a completely different feeling, a completely different atmosphere.

What fits has an uplifting nature.

It appeals to those who are attracted to a higher view.

It thins the atmosphere of harassment, irritation, other negative qualities.

A beautiful work introduces peace, balance, serenity, joy.

A community project which involves upliftment also creates harmony and balance.

It draws together those who are in agreement with the compassionate and practical nature of the project.

Those who are ready to serve are attracted to it, as much as those who will benefit from the result.

Placing good qualities into service, unselfishness, generosity, along with non-judgemental attitudes assures a more effective outreach.

Letting good ideas flow into good action creates a sense of loveliness and delight.

All projects have this possibility.

Let there be a sense of peace and guidance in all of them.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, December 3, 2018

The Peace of Letting Things Go

There is a new kind of peace in letting things go.

I no longer have to follow through on every single idea and project.

I loved getting to know the, what was involved, collecting resources, but now it is time to make room for something higher.

Making room involved creating space for attention to the new projects and experiences.

I am grateful to learn to how to release myself into a higher expression.

Even as I created room in my thought for new ideas to come, I have to create room in my physical space for them to be free to be expressed.

The old ideas were good and delightful, but they are no longer where I can do my best work.

They are not part of my highest service, and so I can let them go.

I am ready to improve my ability to offer better work.

I am willing to let even the good ideas go to make room for a better situation.

I m trusting on a deeper level as I move forward.

I know that my time will be filled with greater opportunities for service, that I can give my attention to meeting needs in a higher way.

I am experiencing a deeper peace as I release my need to complete even the wonderful projects of the past.

I am in a good place.

I am moving to an even better one.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Freedom of Good Choices

I felt pressured to get a too long list of stuff done.

After running from one thing to another, I finally sat down and listened deeply for my priority.

I found myself writing up two proposals for classes.

I felt so fulfilled, as this has been on my list for several weeks.

I didn’t notice the time passing, so I was surprised to see it was a couple of hours later.

With this important priority taken care of, it made room for the long list of other items to get done.

It gave me the freedom to do the little things once I did the important ones first.

I felt completely directed to take care of my proposals, and they were written up almost effortlessly.

My preparation for this time consisted of meditation and writing.

Later, I was able to start my long list and even take care of several tiny items.

Many relevant details were added into the day and there was even time for a visit with long-time friends.

Productivity comes in different ways.

My choice is to listen deeply and then act in much greater freedom and effectiveness.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Release and Move On

Opportunities for growth and progress appear at every point.

There is a technique for taking advantage of them.

It is to release what is no longer necessary in order to make room for new vistas.

Detaching is a wonderful life-practice.

When we get good at it, we never accumulate.

We are able to appreciate what we own, and to appreciate its contribution for that time.

Our value is in what and how we think.

That is what brings us into our heritage.

We embrace a new higher identity as we redirect our thoughts.

We are able to serve in a higher capacity as we envision it and take action.

We move beyond the reason for our start in a new direction as we let its motion uplift us.

The void we fear through leaving fills with good as we stay in motion.

The practice of release is a kind of sacrifice.

We sacrifice what we no longer need in order to move upward.

We are able to give higher service when we see what was behind our possessions, but are no longer possessed by them.

Our desire to give opens up new ways to receive.

We can share more widely as we share more readily.

We keep what we need in our heart and that supplies our other needs.

We become free to express our higher nature more and more easily.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


As I continue to add little pebbles to my container of water, it begins to overflow.

Each pebble of peace adds calm to the atmosphere around me.

My calm becomes noticeable and others respond to it.

Ways of expanding my expression of peace open up in tangible ways.

My peace has become so important to me that it is the first thing I establish within me every day.

I make sure that I settle little irritations before they expand and explode.

I know that anchoring myself to peace is the most valuable way I can contribute to my day.

In calm, I am able to listen and receive appropriate ideas which create solutions.

In calm, I am able to maintain my poise and to be where I need to be without rushing.

In calm, I am able to be reassuring to others in a convincing and far-reaching way.

In calm, I am able to experience happiness and contentment right where I am.

My ideas, poise, reassurance and happiness overflow into the atmosphere as I am persistent.

The effect around me is consistent and tangible.

I consciously carry my calm with me and it brings me the resources I need.

I see the evidence of this wherever I go.

Depending on the situation, I am either welcomed or repelled.

This makes it easy to know where I belong.

It makes it clearly apparent where I am going.

The overflow of my pebbles of peace creates an expanding platform all around me from which I can continue to share.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Peaceful Results

Instead of feeling so driven by fear, effective work has been done by the grass roots to reclaim much of the election process.

The peace of mind thus gained, gives impetus to more work.

It is immensely gratifying to see that the same kind of intense concentrated work that can change a personal life is now visibly changing our national life.

Our collective awareness is defeating ignorance.

Our desire to see everyone represented is overcoming ignorant consensus of the “leadership”.

Leaders are strongly emerging from within the grass roots, where they should.

Representation is gradually becoming more widespread.

This kind of peace of mind is not complacent at all; it is enormously energizing.

I am so grateful and relieved that the guidance and follow-through for this work has been so consistent.

The new feeling of local power is energizing people to participate in ways that have been neglected.

The feeling of futility is gone, as people have come together to create new local, state and federal possibilities.

The disturbances of polarizing attitudes still has to be dealt with in ways that include even those who opt for elitism and exclusivity.

With the energy generated by positive attitudes for change, which benefit everyone through social and environmental programs, we have a chance to deal with the critical issues.

It will be gratifying to see this country rejoin worldwide efforts to address and elevate what we continue to have in common.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage