Monday, October 31, 2016

Making Decisions in Deep Peace

First of all, the feeling of Deep Peace is an amazing sensation.

Breathing in harmony with the Universe, not feeling rushed or pressured in any way.

Being quietly happy, taking my time, walking gracefully.

These are all part of the feeling of Deep Peace.

And then, to extend and enhance it even more, the experience of making decisions in Deep Peace.

No hurry, the sense of absolute confidence, with nothing to compare it to, nothing to give it a rating.

The quiet power of a decision made in Deep Peace.

Absolute, confident good.

No second guessing.

Just the amazing feeling of rightness.

The go-ahead is implicit.

The resources are a given.

The feeling of blessedness in all directions - creating, manifesting, receiving, giving, receiving, giving, receiving, giving.

The cycle of good, beauty, creativity reaching through and outward to all.

This ads to the feeling of harmony and peace all over the world.

It is happening, in every heart.

When we move at the level of Deep Peace, there is a connection with everyone.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

PTSD and More Healing Light

Little by little more healing light is coming into my and my husband’s lives.

We both have PTSD issues when dealing with finances.

For both of us, the person who taught us about handling money was our abusive fathers.

Abusive in different ways, but the absolute fear and terror from those past experiences leaked over into financial matters.

As we have been inspired to clear up other issues, aided greatly by our daily study of ”A Course in Miracles” (we are beginning our second time through), lesser issues have come to the fore.

We have not been able to choose the timing, intensity or the order of importance.

We only know that certain things seem to come up, and then, finally, to be resolved.

I am so grateful for any and all help in these long-term, low-grade, terrifying issues.

For instance, we are both able to keep asking questions, now, until we understand how to process various financial information, simple stuff that our grown kids have been doing for years and years.

We know how to keep breathing through the panic attacks that hit us, and to keep going, or at least to come back, until we can interpret and complete various financial forms.

We are discovering that our PTSD has nothing whatsoever to do with the things we are good at.

But it has hampered us in various other ways, which seem so obviously simple to other people.

We could never explain it before, even to ourselves.

Now that things are settling down to a form they can be dealt with, we are both very grateful to be able to see the problems be defined, and then solved.

This happens repeatedly on some issues until we get them under control, and quickly with other issues.

Even to feel it happening at all has been such a gift.

Knowing that it is continuing in such a gentle and pervasive way is truly amazing.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Human Spirit

The human spirit remains constant when we remember we have unlimited spiritual resources.

This means we don’t have to get scared over media campaigns about scarcity, competition, or loss.

We always have a balance of unlimited spiritual resources.

Remaining calm, and even cultivating happiness puts us on a completely different route.

Instead of getting scared and resentful and running into wall after wall, we receive ideas which create connections for us.

These ideas help us over, around, under or through the barriers created by fear and negativity.

The great thing about the human spirit is that it can be uplifted.

We can uplift ourselves by turning within for our connection to Inner Peace.

Our attitude cues other people.

It contributes to the atmosphere for positivity or negativity, depending on which direction we are manifesting.

It leads us and guides us.

We can ask it for anything.

As this becomes a habit, we find answers on a regular basis.

And that’s a cause for happiness.

That’s a cause for abundance.

That’s a cause for originality.

Thats a cause for giving and receiving.

What a great resource we have in the human spirit.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Friday, October 21, 2016

Enduring Peace

How can peace endure within me?

By choosing peaceful thoughts over judgmental ones.

We are all growing and changing.

Judgement locks us into a negative state of mind.

It is better to feel peaceful than to feel negative.

If a situation is offensive, leave it without judgement.

Move yourself into a state of peace and the situation will change around you (or you will be lifted out of it in some unexpected way).

If the negative situation persists, keep practicing peace.

Your consistence in either direction will win.

Choose what you want to live with.

Eventually, your discomfort will guide you to a consistent way of thinking which will protect you from judgement.

The situation will adjust and you will find a much more peaceful way to live.

No matter how persistent the negative situation is, you can do this.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A New Peaceful Place

I am living in a new peaceful place.

I have soaked up so much peace by letting go of the past and replacing it with a feeling of calm.  

It has taken lots of practice and learning new techniques to deal with anxious habits.

I have learned how to break a negative feedback loop and to get off the “gerbil wheel” of past negative cycles.

I truly am blessed with the new knowledge of how to calmly go within and listen for ideas.

This is my new way of living.

When I have a need, I get quiet and go within and listen for the answer.

With more and more practice, sometimes it comes right away.

Sometimes it may take a few days.

Sometimes things are being put in place toward a future event.

But I know I am being prepared for the answer.

I can practice being calm while it comes and live in so much peace.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage