Monday, September 14, 2015

Your Own Peace

(Questions to inspire you to take your own walk to awareness and inspiration.)

What inspires you?

What reaches into the deepest part of you?

Can you take the steps, the deep breaths, which take you deeper and deeper, into your own peace?

You have your own style of peace.

Your peace may be in an activity that means something special to you.

You peace may be in woodworking, in sewing, in art, in music.

Your peace may be in reading, in study, in meditation.

Your peace may be in cooking, in hospitality, in community.

What allows you to reach into your peace?

What allows you to practice your peace?

Listen within.

Be so quiet that you can feel the feeling.

You will find yourself taking the steps to be your own peace.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Requirements for Peace

A requirement to live peaceably?

A requirement to live happily?

A requirement to be relaxed and satisfied?

Where is this new Universe I am living in?

Apparently, right here in front of me, because I am in the same exact place.

But I do not feel the same exact way, because I feel happy and relaxed and ecstatic over my work.

As I searched for my purpose during my first years of retirement, I have been led to pursue a new aspect to my profession.

I have acquired the skills to express it.

I have continued my search through spiritual study and meditation.

And I have continued feeling better and better about my work and my purpose in it.

So when I added on some interesting classes, I thought everything was going just fine.

However, I found myself feeling uptight and rushed and I was not able to follow through on the wonderful new steps in my delightful work.

After two weeks, it became apparent that although the classes were as interesting as I had hoped, and very helpful in some ways, that was not where I belonged.

So I dropped them and immediately regained my happiness and relaxation.

I was able to turn myself back to my purposeful work, and I am feeling just great.

I am ready to take the next steps easily while continuing to listen for the guidance I am used to receiving now.

Who knew?

The Universe who loves us and guides us is a very particular Presence.

As we listen to fulfill our purpose, we are required to stick with it.

And in so doing, we really do find our happiness and satisfaction and peace.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage