Monday, January 30, 2012

Coming Back to Peace

When you come back to peace, it is because you have found it at one time or another.

You can come back to it.

You do not have to find it.

You become practiced after the first time and more skillful.

More and more of your activities are filled with peace.

People notice it.

People turn and see you.

People comment on it.

You are sending peace out from your peacefulness.

Still, activities with peace are only a part of peace.

There is still the stillness, the quiet, the peace itself.

Coming back to peace.

© 2012 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Where the Peace Is

That somebody else can have control over our feelings is not healthy.

Where is the peace in that?

It comes, it goes.

I am the only person who actually has control over my feelings.

I can recognize feelings from the past.

I can recognize feelings that I ascribe to circumstances.

But is all boils down to taking responsibility for my response to situations.

I control my response.

I can choose from lots of evaluations.

i can choose the feeling.

I am where the peace is.

© 202 Kathryn Hardage