Monday, February 23, 2015

Criticism and Acceptance

I have been looking for a replacement for criticism, and I think I have found it:  Appreciation.

I am thinking of it in terms of building up a paper mache sculpture.

Each strip of newspaper soaked with glue becomes a part of the sculpture.

I can shape it as I go.

It creates smooth layers to build up each feature, and lets me adjust the finer points where I need to.

By contrast, criticism hacks at what I am creating.

It is harsh and unrefined.

The new path I am building for myself is based on self-appreciation and appreciation of others every time I see someone or think about someone.

I am no longer interested in my opinion unless it is appreciative of something about the person.

I reject the years I spent being harshly criticized, and thank the Universe for Its resources in helping me escape to a better place through creativity and engagement in other projects.

Now, I find that the old habit of criticism has run its course.

I am glad to discover another way to live with increasing happiness and appreciation.

I look forward to all those little strips of appreciation I can add to my life-sculpture all along my new path.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Deeper Rhythms

Underneath the daily rhythms of life, there are larger, more powerful rhythms which impel us forward.

As a society, we are beginning to see what happens when the daily rhythms are pushed forward by the deeper rhythms.

Our day-to-day lives are impacted by local and national policy decisions.

Our larger rhythms have to do with the planet, and even beyond that, the Universe.

The larger rhythms of caring for everyone with the planet’s resources are impelled by the Universe’s care for us all.

We are each of us, precious.

The rain falls and the wind blows over the whole planet.

Things grow over the whole planet.

Wherever people live, they can choose to take care of each other.

When we get below all the noise, the policies, and even cultural norms and personal preferences, we feel the deepest rhythms.

This is where our true and unlimited resources lie.

This is where we find ourselves in synchronization with the largest designs of the Universe.

We get beyond just taking care of ourselves, and we act to see everyone live well.

When we consciously realize this, we are moved by a different rhythm.

We feel ourselves directed in a different way, with different motives, with an unstoppable power.

The conflict between the personal, expressed as nationalism, and then corporatism, is giving way to the largest rhythm of all.

It helps if we have the vocabulary to listen for it.

But even if we don’t, we will acquire it, because this is what is impelling a new kind of consciousness.

Soon we will give way to living as though all of us are precious.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage