Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lessening the Disturbance

Learning not to react is a way of lessening the disturbance around us.

This has been really tough for me to learn.

There are so many triggers!

But there is also the calm, the deep calm within.

There is a reservoir of calm within that we can always drawn on.

It is always there, ready for us.

It is there when we get quiet enough to listen.

When we shut out the drama, turn off the news, turn our thoughts away from turmoil and decide to look within, we find the calm.

Breathing in the calm, and remaining quiet, we are able to hear and feel the calm.

Remaining in the calm allows us to hear a different direction, a gentle solution.

Remaining in the calm allows us to do what is good for everyone.

We are not limited by all the noise.

© 2012 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pebble of Purpose

A pebble thrown into a pond creates ripples which continue to move outward until the force of the original has subsided.

A pebble of thought dropped into consciousness has the same effect.

When cultivated, that thought takes on purpose and can create ripples beyond its origin.

The power of a thought, a pebble, of purpose extends indefinitely as long as the desire that launched the thought-pebble is sustained.

When we find a cause we feel drawn to support, we are launching thought-pebbles.

When we have a desire to accomplish some purpose, we are launching thought-pebbles.

When we give help, we are launching thought-pebbles.

Someone is receiving the help and support and that launches its’ own thought pebbles.

When the ripples of water reach the calm, moving shore or the pond, they subside.

The calm, unmoving shore does not resist the ripples of the pond.  It merely holds steady, protecting its border in an unresisting way.

When we hold steady to our purpose, we become the calm shore, not needing to resist angry or turbulent thought-pebbles.

They simply spend their force until they too, arrive at the calm shore.

My goal is to send thought-pebbles of peace through my purpose and to let them come at last to rest on the unresisting shore where they are received with good will.

© 2012 Kathryn Hardage