Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Calm That Settles Within

There is a calm that settles within as we practice seeking it.

Any news or personal event has to weigh itself against this calm.

As the calm becomes more and more pervasive in our individual lives, we create an atmosphere of calm around us.

In the peace, we can hear the next steps to take for our business, our family, our politics.

Since we are seeking to create a society which takes care of all of us in the best possible ways, we are fed wonderful ideas to accomplish this from within.

These ideas are taking wonderful form in ways which include more and more awareness on the part of all segments of society.

When society as a whole receives enough benefits from associating with each other, we will have achieved a practical and stable state.

All the individual effects tied together in groups which unify together are resulting in a very aware and active populace.

The peace and well-being that we want for ourselves naturally spills over to include everyone else.

It is worth cultivating the peace within so that as we all gain power by associating with each other, we have a new way in which to express ourselves.

We can maintain a collective high standard of living as long as we maintain a deep sense of peace and calm which settles within.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

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