Monday, February 20, 2017

Never Taken Away

What I have can never be taken away.

It is mine.

It comes from within.

No one else can find it, because it exists within me.

While I can think, I know where it is.

Even while I am not thinking or even awake, it is still there, waiting for me.

When I am confused or disturbed, I still have it.

I can calm myself and go within, and find what is mine.

I can be peaceful and relaxed all the time, knowing what I have.

I can be safe.

I can be secure.

I can be provided for.

I can always have what I need.

It is in a special place, within, that only I know about.

From within, I find connections, resources, friends.

From within, I create a Universe that is safe, and Which loves me.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

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