Monday, April 10, 2017

Dropping Our Pebbles

We shall continue to drop our pebbles of peace into the pond and send ripple after ripple to the shore.

Peace is achievable within each individual as we seek it instead of the disturbing images created to distract us.

The scale of deception is becoming so evident that more and more people are drawing the same conclusions.

As we devote our energies to the peace we seek within, we will see it increasingly around us until it encompasses the whole world.

As we articulate our profound dissatisfaction, we are discovering the people who have preceded us and who have discovered so many solutions.

This encourages us to find our own solutions right where we are.

We can take the first step, now that we have articulated our desire for peace.

We can take the steps to establish inner peace, and then join with others to express our solutions locally in our communities.

We do not seek peace “where there is no peace”, but within our own quiet meditation.

This communicates itself.

We move calmly through our day.

We find happiness and delight in little things and we share it, just by our attitude.

And we attract others of like-mind.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

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