Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Creating a Culture of Peace

Surrounding myself with peace is the most important step I have ever taken.

I establish my peace every morning before I do anything else.

I think my way through meditations.

I make sure I am  creating a relaxing start to my day.

As soon as I can, I begin my spiritual study.

I make sure that I share the results of that study through inspirational posts before I read any of the day’s news.

This creates a culture of peace for myself.

I refer back to it and add more inspiration to share throughout the day.

I want to make sure that what I respond to is not the fear generated by the media, but the peace I am creating for myself.

Every time we share inspiration with others by reading it or thinking about it, we expand the influence of peace in our communities.

Since peace is the natural tendency of mankind, to live in beauty and to share abundance, it is a powerful antidote to the dissatisfaction and fear and suspicion we are confronted with, all lies, through the media.

What we love is getting along with everyone.

What we love is a calm and delightful afternoon among friends.

Creating a culture of peace lets us expand our friendship to include more diverse peoples and to create more calm and delightful experiences for all members of our communities.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

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