Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Peace of Realignment

Realigning personal and individual priorities can give a deep sense of peace.

Where it was important at one time to take care of other things first, there is great peace in being able to devote oneself to one’s own deepest priorities.

At first, there may be a sense of guilt that one’s own priorities keep arising.

But, when you realize that is why you are here, that this life, or this design, or the solution to a particular problem, is your purpose, then you can proceed freely.

No demands can be placed on you without your permission.

How you meet those demands is also your choice.

You may meet them with a sense of responsibility, creativity, or love, or a combination.

All of those approaches help you to grow.

When you are free to deal with your own priorities, you can utilize all of that growth and development.

All your energies can be devoted to one thing.

You are no longer divided, apportioning some of your energy and attention to other things, and a little bit to your priority.

All your efforts and attention, your responsibility, creativity and love can go in one direction.

Having settled all the other issues, this creates great peace in your life.

Take the time to resolve and correct what you can.

Then move peacefully, confidently and devotedly into living your priorities.

© Kathryn Hardage

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